The 2025 vision being exhibited by the City at this year’s edition of the Zimbabwe Agriculture Show is exciting many residents.
The city is showcasing the Mukuvisi Development Corridor, proposed road network designs, Mupedzanhamo and Glen View Complex designs along with services from the City’s Housing and Social Services Department and the Emergency Services Division.
Work has already started at Shawasha grounds where a world class shopping complex is under construction.
Residents can also pay their bills at the city’s stand.
But it is the city’s vision, the review of its master plan and the designs of some of the projects that are stealing the show.
Brenda Maruwa, a university student, was impressed by the ambition by the city.
“Mbare is where everything happens, this is remarkable, I think everybody needs to supports this vision,” she said.
Another resident said the proposed Mbudzi Roundabout design is going to make like easier for motorists and those travelling along both Masvingo and Chitungwiza road.
“You only need to have experienced the inconvenience that place to understand the importance of this new designs. This is a good vision and I am going to be happy when this is fruitful,” he said.