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Days of engaging in illegal activities in Harare are fast coming to an end, Acting Town Clerk, Mrs Josephine Ncube has warned.


Addressing a recent press conference at Town House, Mrs Ncube said the city was issuing the last warning to people engaged in illegal activities before taking action.

“We have on numerous occasions issued warnings in the hope that the perpetrators or invaders would understand and see reason. We have noticed that each time we issued prohibition orders, some people took advantage of our humane approach and decided to entrench their illegal activities.

“Today’s warning is probably the last one we are going to have before action is taken against these law breakers.

“By this, we are calling on all people that invaded Crowborough, Churu and Eyestone Farm to move out on their own before we take action,” she said.

She said the recent regularisation of certain illegal settlements was not policy and was only done to address the situation hence the need to come up hard on illegal settlers.

Mrs Ncube urged individuals to follow proper channels if they want residential stands from the city instead of going through third parties that end up fleecing them. 

“Anyone interested in securing municipal housing land should approach council. Paying for municipal land to third parties is actually sinking your investment in a deep well where you will not be able to retrieve it.

 “We are engaging the ZRP to remove all illegal settlements. Our thrust is to have a properly planned city,” she said

In another development, she warned commuter transport operators to use designated ranking areas. Of late, commuter omnibuses and pirate taxis have become a law unto themselves and Mrs Ncube said that cannot be tolerated.

“They are taking no regard of traffic laws and let me warn them that enforcement teams will descend on them heavily. Most of them have not renewed their rank discs; some have abandoned their authorised routes while some are picking up passengers at undesignated points, while some are parking in their vehicles in the streets.

“They must move immediately to comply with their permit conditions,” she said.

She also added that vendors must move to their vending sites.

“Council supports the operations of the informal sector within the approved framework. We would like to urge our small to medium enterprises and the informal sector, to move towards self-regulation in order to avoid confrontation,” she said.

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