A tour of some of the illegal settlements, by the Joint Environmental Management and Education, Health and Housing, Licensing and Community Services Committee as they prepare for todays illegal settlements regularisation meeting was an eye opener for councillors, EMC chairperson Cllr Kudzai Kadzombe has said.

The Committees, which were joined by Audit Committee chairperson, Cllr Ian Makoni
also toured the city's road projects to see the quality of work being done by council.
"We were assessing our readiness for the upcoming rainy season," said Cllr Kadzombe
She said the tour was necessitated by the need to have first hand information on illegal activities and land invasions in the city.
"We have taken this tour after a report which highlighted that there were a lot of illegal activities happening within the City of Harare area.
"We have seen the areas which we can regularise and those we cannot regularise so that we can start various enforcement activities.
"We are going to demolish structures built on school sites and other amenities, that is where we are going to start from.
She said in Budiriro, there are a lot of developments on school sites and the city cannot allow that.
"We have a high need of schools, letting people build on school sites is something we cannot condone. It is going to be our first step of action," she said.
She warned residents to be careful when dealing with land issues in Harare as the city is the only authority that gives housing stands on municipal land.
"People need to be wary of land barons and conmen who know the need for houses and take advantage of vulnerable people and rob them of their hard earned money."
"They should come to the Housing Department and go through the waiting list so that they can be allocated officially. In Harare, council is the only authority that gives land," she said.