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Council has engaged Government to push for a change of policy over the collection of vehicle licence fees, Acting Town Clerk Mrs Josephine Ncube has revealed.

Speaking to residents’ associations over the state of the city’s roads during a 2017 stakeholders’ budget consultative meeting, Mrs Ncube said it would be ideal for council to collect the fees so as to meet its road maintenance and rehabilitation mandate.

Government a few years ago transferred the responsibility of collecting licence fees to Zinara from local authorities.

“I want the stakeholders to note that the position of council is and has always been that we should collect the vehicle licensing fees ourselves, we have made it clear and have made our submissions. We are getting a raw deal,” she said.

She added that the money received from the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) was not being equated to the vehicle population and the road network in the city.

“When you look at the vehicles using our roads and what we are getting, there is no formula to say how much you should get; you are just told that as Harare you get one million dollars.

“What is a million dollars when you look at our roads and the traffic on our roads? We have made our submissions to the Government because it is Government policy that ZINARA should collect nationwide.

“ZINARA is doing what is has been tasked to do but we have made our submissions through our ministry to cabinet to say can this be re-looked because when people see potholes, they don’t see ZINARA, they just see City of Harare.

“So we are continuing to engage the Central Government on that,” she said.

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