City of Harare has revived its graduate trainee program which is aimed at capacitating the city’s various departments.

Human Capital Development Officer Mr Amos Muguti said constitutional developments in local government administration require council to engage highly committed graduates who are ready to work effectively in complex and diverse situations.
“We have taken a deliberate move to develop graduate trainees ready to take up managerial positions and challenge the status quo. We want them to bring about change. They should be prepared to learn and share knowledge and experiences as we focus on our goal of attaining a World Class City Status by the year 2025,” he said.
“We want to capacitate all our departments with qualified people because currently we have a skills deficiency in terms of the number qualified personnel,” he said.
The graduate trainees will undergo a three year training program and officials will be assessing them annually to check on their progress and upon completion, those who performed well will be engaged and absorbed into the council system.
Mr Muguti said council is going to benefit in many ways from the graduate trainee program.
“All successful graduate trainees will be appointed permanently to vacant positions in council and will be bonded in council employment for 3 years. So far council has engaged 83 out of a requirement of 127 graduates and we will be re-advertising to seek for the remainder in October,” he said.
The graduate trainee program framework was adopted by Council in August 2017 and reviewed and adopted again by council in July 2018 with primary objective to allow our graduate trainees to build the required knowledge, skills and leadership behaviours, in alliance to City’ Strategy throughout their development journey.
Council has also engaged 32 graduate trainee technicians from technical colleges who will be working in the in the various departments in the city.