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Harare is fast mutating into a vibrant 24 hour city and in the process living by the city’s Haarare monicker.


Harare is a city that is built on different cultures defined by the food we eat, the music we listen to, our dressing, dances, religion and our socialisation.

Harare has a vibrant life, with sleepless nights in some suburbs across the city everyday of the week. There is a 24/7 transport system that caters for all.

Harare CBD and s uburban shopping centres’ evenings always show an energetic populace running around even more lively than during day time.

The sprouting of fast food outlets has changed the way the residents of the city live. Over the last few years the city has attracted internationally renowned fast food outlets such as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Mugg and Bean, Ocean Basket among others. These have blended well with local brands such as Garwe Restaurant, Juvana, PaChoto, Kelly’s, Bello, and Chicken Slice, open air spaces such as KwaMereki, PaZindoga.

These have changed the typical African lifestyle of the residents.

Dancehall music has had an impact upon many youths in the city. It has influenced the way the youths behave, dress and dance. There are reports of rampant drug abuse within dancehall circles. There are also allegations of sexual orgies especially during shows and the hugely popular township passa passa where they engage in all night music and dance.

The family unit has disintegrated because of economic challenges facing many people in the city. Social activities such as movie going have also made it difficult for many as families to enjoy life together as many adapt to a new order.

With the city’s 2025 vision, Harareans must brace for many changes in all the aspects of culture.

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