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As the continuing rains threaten normal ways of life and movement we share a message of alert!


1. In your community and social groups please communicate safety first, cut unnecessary travel, check your routes before setting out

2. Keep communication tools alive - be in touch with your families and associates.

3. Have some ready food and drink especially for the young, sick or old.

4. Eat only clean, well-cooked food - avoid foodstuffs from open places.

5. Avoid contact with flood water and garbage

6. Stay close to the authorities (council, hospitals, government institutions) especially in affected and vulnerable areas.

7. Think of those who may be at risk and raise the alarm if necessary.

8. Do not cause unnecessary panic.

9. Do not share any information or images which may not be correct and distressing to this emergency.

Pray for safety for all.

Ben Manyenyeni

Mayor of Harare

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