Harare City Council has targeted to allocate 10 000 residential stands through a Pre-Selling Housing Pay Scheme this year.
Principal Housing Officer Edgar Dzehonye said the Department of Housing and Community Services made the undertaking in its Departmental Strategic Plan which aims to deliver the stands by December 31 this year.
“These will be delivered through Pre-selling Housing Pay Scheme to ensure that there is no misappropriation of funds from beneficiaries.”
“The department has been resourced with a Project Management Unit which has been capacitated with engineers and relevant technical personnel. In some of the schemes council will be providing services like water, sewer and roads at the minimum possible cost.”
“We will have beneficiaries only parting away with finances that are targeted at providing the relevant materials that are going to be used and the labour will be relatively cheap because it will be subsided by council. So we expect our servicing cost to be minimal in this particular scheme.”