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Residents should always be on the lookout for vandals defacing or removing street signs with street names and directions as these are important features of the urban environment.


In a number of suburbs street names have either been defaced or removed in some cases as ‘punishment’ to council but in reality the punishment goes to residents who will have difficulties in locating addresses.

Street names make the city user friendly in that they enable people to get around easily. They facilitate the delivery of emergency services. For local authorities, they increase revenue and improve management. They allow a monitoring system to be put in place to assist in planning and programming of investments.

The procedure for naming and renaming of streets, institutions and places is in terms of circular no 71/84 dated 29 June 1984, circular Number 4 of 2012 and Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:12). The procedure is in two parts.

(II) Procedure for naming and renaming of streets, institutions and places using national names or heroes: This procedure is governed by Circular Number 4 of 2012 (annexure A). Such changes are processed through designated Cabinet Committee on change of names. The committee comprises Ministries of Local Government, Home Affairs, Higher and Tertiary Education, Sports, Justice and Legal Affairs, Environment, Youth…..

  • Local authorities are directed to channel their recommendations through the provincial administrators to the Local Gvt Ministry before consideration by Cabinet.

Second procedure

Procedure to be followed for naming and renaming of streets, institutions and places using other names:

Any individual, organisation, institution or company or association can initiate the naming or renaming of streets provided there is community consensus and that the set procedures in the circular and Urban Councils Act are followed.

  • The source of the names should be relevant to the community
  • Sources of the names may be derived from the locality history, physical features (mountains, rivers, landmarks), animals, plants etc
  • The Urban Councils Act also empowers council from time to time to assign names to roads within the council area.
  • The proposal for naming and renaming of streets, institutions and places should be considered by the Environment Management Committee. One of the terms of reference for the committee is the naming of suburbs and streets. The committee adopts the proposals and recommends to full council.

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