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Residents of Belvedere, Kuwadzana and business premises in the Central Business District will be billed for actual consumption after the Harare Water Department started installing a massive 13 400 temper-proof conventional water meters.


The new meters are also a measure to curb non revenue water.

“We are installing 7 500 conventional water meters in Kuwadzana, 4 500 in Belvedere and 400 conventional bulk water meters in CBD”.

The replacement programme is expected to last until December.

The meters have a lifespan of up to five years. Each meter costs an average US$60.

The meters being replaced are either stuck, non functional or have outlived their lifespan.

Council is owed over US$530 million in unpaid municipal bills.

In the absence of working meters the city estimates water consumption. In the majority of the cases the estimates have well been below actual usage prejudicing the council of revenue.

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