Environmental Management Committee Vice Chairperson, Clr Stewart Mutizwa says council is attending to Sentosa and Mabelreign's perrennial water shortages.
Speaking after a tour of the areas by his committee, Cllr Mutizwa said council was introducing short term solutions like JoJo Tanks at strategic points in the suburbs and sinking boreholes.
“Our aim was to see for ourselves the situation on the ground. We have discovered that some areas are not getting water. We have noted the infrastructure backlog. We have to upgrade our facilities,” he said.
The upgrades will ensure water is available.
He said council is resuscitating municipal boreholes to ensure continued supplies.
Ward Cllr Denford Ngadziore said the water problem in Mabelreign and Sentosa has been a long standing issue which need to be addressed urgently.
“With the water issue topping the list, I have seen it fit that the responsible committee be on the ground today and witness for themselves the water problems in Mabelreign,” he said.
“We have been working nonstop as council to ensure the problem is alleviated. The resuscitation of municipal boreholes is key around the ward to ease the perennial water issues.”
Recently council commissioned water pumps at Blue Lagoon Pump Station to cater for residents in Sentosa and parts of Greencroft.
With the low production capacity at Morton Jaffray, the pumps have not been effective to provide water to the residents of Mabelreign and surrounding areas.