COUNCIL management has been challenged to close all leakages and innovate on new revenue sources.
The markets unit has been urged to build cloakrooms at all market sites. Private operators are charging in American dollars.
Speaking at the end of term review of the City of Harare 7th Phase of The Rapid Results Initiative at Townhouse today Mayor Herbert Gomba said employees should not come towork to add numbers but to offer solutions and innovate on service delivery.
He said council is sitting on huge amounts of money and accused some employees of sleeping on the job.
“This calls for a paradigm shift to embrace the new. We will soon retire those who are not working," he said.
He said council should embrace technology that allows residents to even bookbook for maternity in the comfort of their homes.
Mayor Gomba said council is putting a stop to the outsourcing of revenue sources and said charges of various services should pegged in accordance with the inflationary regime.
“We made it very clear when we got into office that our mandate is to transform Harare and the lives of the ratepayers and residents and also transform Harare into a Smart City. This means that we will leave no stone unturned in our desire to deliver efficient services to the residents of Harare,” he said.
“We are all aware that the country is going through serious economic challenges and Harare is included. Our debtors’ book which is currently over $800 million dollars is testimony to that. This therefore demands fresh thinkers and innovators so that we are able to deliver services.”
He said council needs to collect revenue from clear areas like markets, leases and business licensing to fund service delivery programmes and also pay salaries.
Mayor Gomba said city management should plug the major revenue leakages points.
“Issues of pilferages and loss of revenue through corrupt tendencies must be stopped. There is need to ensure that employees of City of Harare do not bleed council. The residents must also realise that if they don’t pay the service cannot be guaranteed.”
“Harare is attracting support from various partners and we should be ready to receive that support and work with stakeholders. Since last year we have been receiving proposals for cooperation and we should be seen to be ready to embrace partnerships that work.”
He implored council employees to work hard and salvaged the city from the crisis as well as provide efficient services to customers who will also be compelled to pay.
On the Rapid Results Initiative Mayor Gomba said In April the city officially opened Kuwadzana Library which is a fruit of the initiative.
“Very soon we will open Hopley Clinic and the youth centre .We had ground breaking ceremonies for two schools under this initiative and we compel the team to continue with these projects so that we commission the schools soon,” he said.
“This demonstrates that in terms of development of infrastructure we are doing relatively well. What remains is to be able to quantify the measurable results in service delivery. Notwithstanding the challenges we have had in terms of access to foreign currency.”