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Today’s press conference on illegal settlements is probably the last one we are going to have before action is taken against the law breakers. We have on numerous occasions issued warnings in the hope that the perpetrators/invaders of municipal land would understand and see reason.


We have however noticed that each time we issued warnings and prohibition orders, some people took advantage of our humane approach and decided to entrench their illegal activities.

It would be unfair not to mention that some of the land invasions are ‘politically’ motivated with the leadership of the invasions falsely aligning their actions with political parties. We have done our research and established that no political party wants to tarnish their images by engaging in illegal activities when they can use the law to obtain residential land for the people.

By this notice we are calling on all people that invaded Crowborough, Churu and Eyestone Farms to move out on their own before we take action. Allowing people to stay on Crowborough Farm is a travesty of justice. The farm is used for wastewater treatment. This means any human settlement on that farm is a huge risk to the health of all Harare residents. We cannot allow a human settlement on a wastewater farm. There is a high risk of diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other water borne diseases. Crowborough Farm is a BIG NO.

It has come to our attention that some people have sold land to gullible residents at Crowborough Farm. This is very criminal. We urge anyone who has been sold land at that farm to make a police report.

Anyone interested in securing municipal housing land should approach council. Paying for municipal land to third parties is actually sinking your investment in a deep well where you will not be able to retrieve it.

What is happening in the settlements that we recently regularised should be used as an example. The city is demanding its dues from the people despite them having paid huge sums of money to shadowy groups and individuals.

Our message is simple. Do not splash your money on illegal activities. When the land authority comes you will still be required to pay up. People on illegal sites in areas that were regularised such as on school, clinic, business and institutional sites should stop any further construction work because we are in the process of relocating them to suitable housing land. They should keep their building materials for future use.

We are engaging with the ZRP to remove all illegal settlements. Our thrust is to have a properly planned city. Be assured that proper planning is taking place at Churu and eyestone farms. Layout plans are almost ready.

Some of the areas where we are asking the people to move off are:
1 DZIVARESEKWA (1) Corner Bulawayo Road and Dzivaresekwa Road (Kuwadzana Phase 3) Kuwadzana Cooperative
2 GLEN VIEW (2) Glen View I behind 3rd Street ZANU PF Youths
(3) Glen View I Behind 1st Avenue Unknown individuals
(4) Behind 1st Crescent • Roads
• Site plans
• Pegs
(5) Behind Glad Tidings Church 3rd Avenue • Temporary roads on site
(6) Churu Farm • Numerous temporary residential structures on site
• Temporary roads developed
3 KUWADZANA (7) Kuwadzana 3 on land allocate to Dailyboard Shona City Housing Coop
(8) Kuwadzana 5 behind Kuwadzana 2 Primary Panyadzonya Cooperative
4 MUFAKOSE (9) Crowborough North Phase 4 Unkown individuals
5 KAMBUZUMA (10) Section 4 adjacent to Dr. Mazhindu Z.I.N.Y.G.A Cooperative
(11) Open space between Phase 3 and 4 Various individuals
6 GLEN NORAH (12) Glen Norah A Kunzekweguta Street Unknown invaders
7 HATCLIFFE (13)Stand 9199 Mr Gotora and others
(14)Open Space next to stand 1731 (Mt Pleasant Coop Area) Two houses and wooden cabins on site

In the same breath, let me also warn commuter omnibus operators who are disregarding traffic laws in the belief that there are no laws governing their operations, that such activities will not be tolerated and enforcement teams will decent heavily on them.

Most operators have not renewed their rank discs, they have abandoned their routes and some are picking and dropping passengers at undesignated points while some are parking their vehicles in the streets during off pick hours instead of using the holding bay. They must immediately comply with their permit conditions.

Many vendors and informal traders have abandoned their authorised sites and are selling from inappropriate places. They should immediately move to their authorised sites.

The council supports operators of the informal sector within the approved framework. We would like to urge SMEs and the informal sector to move towards self regulation to avoid confrontation.


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