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May I recognise the presence of Acting Town Clerk Mrs Josephine Ncube, heads of departments, council staff and most importantly our friends from the media.


We are pleased to announce a landmark development in the way we are going to discharge our duties from today going into the future.

On Monday a joint committee of the Human Resources and General Purposes, Finance and Development and the Environmental Management, Education, Health, Housing and Community services sat and approved the decentralisation of council services.

But before that resolution by the joint committee, we had a convergence of minds with the Minister of Local Government Honourable Saviour Kasukuwere on the subject.

This is a milestone development that enhances efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. Development in each district will be based on each district’s ability to marshal resources especially through mobilising residents to pay their bills. Each of the 20 districts will retain 25 percent of revenue collected for the development of the respective districts. Each district will have its own bank account and will plan its own priorities.

The city has been divided into eight operational zones as follows:

Zone 1: CBD, Mbare and Sunningdale
Zone 2: Hatfield and Waterfalls
Zone 3: Highfield, Glen Norah and Hopley
Zone 4: Budiriro, Glen View, Mufakose and Marimba
Zone 5: Kambuzuma, Kuwadzana and Dzivarasekwa
Zone 6: Mabelreign, Marlborough, Warren Park, and Mt Pleasant
Zone 7: Borrowdale, Hatcliffe, Greendale, and Highlands
Zone 8: Tafara, Mabvuku and Caledonia

Each of the zones is led by a Chief Admin Officer under whose command will be all service delivery staff. Each zone will have its own plant and equipment and will devise its own work programmes that align to the city’s vision. The services to be offered at the local level include water and sewer services, road maintenance, public lighting, cleansing services, town planning and development control, building inspectorate services, health and licensing services, housing, education and social services, parks and cemeteries and revenue collection and enforcement of bylaws.

This will make staff and residents at district level responsible and accountable for service delivery as each district office will be a one stop shop for all services thus bringing services close to the people, improve ease of doing business and reduce response times. This decision shows council’s commitment to bringing services closer to the people.

In addition, council has approved the setting up of the environmental management services division under the Office of the Town Clerk. The division will superintend over environmental issues in the city and will assume a watchdog role with a view of protecting the environment.

We are a flexible council that is always amenable to positive change geared to change the fortunes of our customers.

We exist to deliver the best service to our customers and from time to time we review our operations to check whether we are conforming and responding to the wider needs of the people we represent.

A training workshop of the affected staffers will be convened soon to appraise them of their new role and the work ahead of them.

We look forward to working with stakeholders as we work on modalities to implement the progressive policy.

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