Council is intensfying revenue collection in new revenue streams to ease pressure on raising rates for ratepayers.
Town Clerk Eng Hosiah Chisango said new streams include lease management and billboards.
Speaking at the city’s Rapid Results Project Mid Term Review Workshop at Town House Eng Chisango said the rapid results initiative aims to come up with revenue enhancement strategies and cost of containment measures.
“Licensing, land, leases management, markets, billboards and building inspections are key revenue streams that if fully exploited can change the fortunes of council,” he said.
“Leases management remains a non-performing revenue stream and it is my hope that with the programme we will be able to fully exploit the full potential of this income.” 
Eng Chisango said council needs to recover money owed by debtors which amounts to more than $925 million.
He said council can rake in funds from regularisation of all settlements built on land zoned residential.
“Those on wetlands, institutional land and other critical services sites cannot be regularised. I therefore implore the responsible team and department to expedite the implementation of this resolution,” he said.