Satewave Technologies has expresed desire to partner Harare City Council in achieving a smart city as part of the world class vision roadmap.
The Chinese owned renewable energy company says it will provide solar energy. 
Council has been involved in projects that incorporate information and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance the quality and performance of urban services such as transportation and energy among other servicee in order to reduce resource consumption, wastage and overall costs.
Satewave Technologies Chief Executive Officer Mr Zhou Zhongguo said his company is committed to council’s vision and have the solution to make Harare a World Class City by 2025.
“We have solutions for the City and its key that we come onboard with our partners, Harare City Council to present solar lights, bins and batteries at no cost or investments.
“We presented solar bins which have plugging systems and they come in different colours and designs, making them unique and in sync with the city smart concept.
‘The new solar batteries cannot be stolen as they have tracking technology and have a lifespan of 25 years if properly maintained.” Mr Zhou said.
Mayor Herbert Gomba said council was excited to work with Satewave Technologies as part of the initiative to adhere to advanced technology which is essential to Council’s vision of being a World Class by 2025.
“We are facing problems to do with the lighting of the city especially street lighting. Council clinics and hospitals have also not been spared, which has seen us losing a lot of revenue and haunting service delivery efforts.’
“I’m advising other Mayors in Zimbabwe and across Africa as to look at this as we have been waiting for something like this."
“Currently we are working with a Germany Organisation to make sure that we strengthen our GIS system and there are preliminary discussions for us to adopt their water system so that we will be able to see those who are connecting our water illegally and those that are over using water,” Mayor Gomba said.