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The installation of prepaid smart water meters is progressing well in the pilot sites with residents roundly welcoming the newest water management gadget.


Fears were that residents would be swayed by pressure groups to resist the meters but so far the individual residents have embraced the gadget.

In separate interviews the residents of Sunningdale 3, Bluffhill, the Avenues, Kambuzuma and Letombo expressed satisfaction with the functioning of the meters.

Residents not covered by the pilot are clamouring for the meters urging the city to speedily rollout the citywide programme.

Mrs Calister Muzenda, a Sunningdale resident, says the rechargeable meters assist residents in managing household budgets and water use.

“This is good because we no longer waste water. If you use the water you can check on the meter and see how much you are wasting.

“Even if water is a problem, people will be able to save water. When the meter was installed I bought water for US$10 and I am happy with the way it is charging. I can’t complain.

“This is good because at least I get billed for what I consume. I am happy because you can see and can tell that the water you have consumed is finished,” she said.

Commenting on calls by other groups to reject the smart water meters, Ms Muzenda had this to say: “This suburb is full of educated people and we share information by ourselves and come to conclusions without interference.”

Mrs Kureva from the same suburb who had initially rejected the new meter said she had now realised its importance.

“We heard of some people who were complaining and I rejected but I then agreed and now I am satisfied with how the system works.

“At least just like the ZESA system, I get to pay for what I would have consumed so I am happy with it,” she said.

Acting Town Clerk Mrs Josephine Ncube recently toured the pilot sites and expressed satisfaction with developments on the ground.

Five companies Utility Systems, Syvern, Hukoshwa, IPS and Tricon were contracted to install the meters on a pilot project. The company whose meters that perform better than the rest will be chosen for the citywide rollout.

The introduction of prepaid smart water meters is expected to attract investors in the water sector as they would be guaranteed that all water consumed is paid for. Investors want guarantee that they can recoup their investment through a well-structured loan repayment programme.

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