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Harare City Council is attending to suspected typhoid cases in Mbare following the death of a 13 year old girl. We are still investigating to confirm whether the death was a result of typhoid.


The girl was initially admitted at Harare hospital and was transferred to the Beatrice infectious diseases hospital on Saturday. She died on admission. She had been unwell for some time.

Her siblings were also sick with similar symptoms. Her brother was admitted at the hospital.

On further investigations about 30 people on 8th and 9th street in Mbare were then treated for suspected typhoid. At the moment 9 people from the area are admitted and several others receiving treatment as a precautionary measure. The city health department has deployed heavily in Mbare to mobilise and educate residents against behaviour that may lead to typhoid and other communicable diseases.

The city has provisionally singled out a borehole in the area as the source of the problem. The borehole is not properly secured a factor which might cause runoff water and sewer to seep through and cause illnesses.

The city encourages people exhibiting suspected typhoid symptoms to quickly seek medical attention, wash hands before and after eating food and after visiting the toilet. Residents are urged to consume and buy food from licensed and hygienic places. Wash all fruits and to PRE treat with aqua tablets all water for domestic purposes.

The symptoms are fever; headache ; general body weakness; abdominal discomfort with or without diahorrea.

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