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Acc Name: City of Harare

Bank: CABS, 4th Street

For Online Banking: 1002733316

For RTGS: 1003655211

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ABANDONED car sales in suburban areas are to be removed and the vehicles will be auctioned if not claimed within 30 days.
Concern was raised over the increase in abandoned car sales.
Areas like Glen View, Willowvale Road and Glen Norah feature prominently.
According to the recent Ordinary Council Minutes councillors also expressed concern over the mushrooming of car sales along major roads in Harare.
“It was concerned that the Car Sales later turned into junk yards for broken down vehicles and car shells. In areas like Glen View, Willowvale Road and Glen Norah, some Car Sales had been turned into scrap yards and most cars had been abandoned in the Car Sales”.
Council resolved that lessees of car sales be made to restore car sales to their original status upon winding up of business and no car shells or broken down cars should be dumped in car sales
“Council felt that it was necessary to establish the reason why Car Sales had sprouted throughout the City and whether lease agreements obliged lessees to restore the leased premised to their original status upon winding up business”

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