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The Monitoring and Evaluation Division is headed by Ms. Dorothy Mavlowane on acting capacity.

This office is seized with the formulation of the corporate strategy and defining the short, medium and long-term direction and scope of the City. This office leads the formulation and implementation of the strategy and has the ultimate responsibility for its implementation. The City of Harare (CoH) developed a long term strategic framework in 2012 spanning 13 years with a vision: Harare to achieve a World Class City Status by 2025. This long term framework is broken into four key milestone stages namely 2012 – 2013; 2014 – 2016; 2017 – 2020 and 2021 – 2025. In line with this framework and following the national model of using Results Based Management (RBM) concepts for improved planning, City of Harare developed a four year Results Based Strategic plan for the period 2017 – 2020 in September 2016. The Strategic Plan was developed from the input of the Councillors, Staff and Stakeholders. The Office also monitors and evaluates the performance results of strategy implementation. The major highlights for this Division was the review of the 2016-2020 strategic plan in November 2018 and the subsequent production of the results based management documents for Council. The coordination of the State of the City Address by His Worship the Mayor was also done and the report was presented in March 2019.The Division also coordinated the implementation of four waves of the City of Harare Rapid Results Initiatives throughout the year, a strategy adopted by Council to kick- start the implementation of the strategic plan. The Division has a major challenge in that it is understaffed and this is being addressed in the restructuring exercise where a number of monitoring and evaluation officers are expected to be appointed during the second quarter of 2019.The Monitoring and Evaluation Division successfully coordinated the peer review under the service level benchmarking exercise.

Service Level Benchmarking
The City of Harare participates in the service level benchmarking exercise since its inception in 2013. City of Harare is using SLB an assessment tool for the quality of work being done and whether we are meeting the expectations of the residents and stakeholders. From 2013 to date there has been a remarkable improvement in the quality of services being offered as demonstrated by the reports from the Peer Review Teams. Another key aspect of SLB is the development of Performance Improvement Plans which are linked to the budget. These have assisted the City in prioritizing key service delivery areas such as water and sanitation.