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The Corporate Communications Division deals with all Council public related matters and is headed by a Corporate Communications Manager. Mr Michael Chideme is the Corporate Communications Manager.

The Corporate Communication Division plays a supporting service function. The Division is engaged in a number of awareness campaigns or programmes and publicity initiatives to inform our clients on a wide range of activities and programmes that the City would be embarking on. The Division which is strategically located in the Office of the Town Clerk plays an informative role and interface role between Council and the public. The Division does public relations for Council and play a feedback role and a functions management role. Therefore it has an important part to play in enhancing service delivery. Below is a summary of activities performed by the Division to promote service delivery.Corporate exhibitions – this is an important component or aspect that the division engages in to market, publicise and or promote brand Harare in the quest to attain a World Class City Status by 2025. The activities are broken down as follows:
Major exhibitions include, Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), Durban Indaba Tourism Expo, Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC), Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI), Harare Agricultural Show, Local Government Investment Conference (LOGIC) and Zimbabwe International Book Fair Association (ZIBFA).The City also carries out exhibitions during Council workshops, events or functions and Full Council meetings. The exhibitions are meant to publicise and market Brand Harare on different fronts, which include Tourism, Investment opportunities, Service Delivery initiatives like Ease of Doing Business initiatives. Council also managed to market brand Harare through the traditional methods of communication, which are radio and television. Numerous advertisements have come out in the press on various issues like bill payments, anti-litter messages and ease of doing business.