Council Health Facilities

Council Health Facilities

Council Health Facilities

Council Health Facilities

City Health is divided into 2 Zones – Zone A and Zone B headed by Deputy Nursing Managers. They are further divided into 8 districts which are led by District Nursing Officers. A district is made up of several clinics. The clinics are headed by Sisters in Charge.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Harare City Health Nursing Section to provide holistic, scientific nursing care in our units and the community to all clients/patients, by always striving for nursing excellence through providing collaborative quality nursing care with community participation and involvement.


  • Truthfulness
  • Respect
  • Team work
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Innovation

Patient’s Charter

  • We uphold the rights of the patient to privacy, confidentiality and consent, freedom of choice and to be treated with courtesy.
  • Services are offered regardless of race, colour, creed, political affiliation, social standing and religion.

Types of Clinics

  • 12 polyclinics comprising of Primary Care Clinic, Family Health Services and Maternity Unit;
  • Satellite Clinics;
  • 2 hospitals – Wilkins Infectious Diseases Hospital and Beatrice Road Infectious Diseases Hospital. 


Services Provided  

Services OfferedClinic

Curative services

  • Rapid HIV testing
  • Malaria screening
  • Chronic conditions (monitoring and follow up)
  • TB screening
  • Initiating and administration of ART drugs and follow up of patients.
  • Dispensing of essential drugs
  • Polyclinic
  • Satellite clinic
  • Primary Care clinic

Maternity  services

  • Antenatal care

       - booking

       - follow up visits 

  • PMTCT programme

We encourage mothers to book early and couples to  have an HIV test.

  • Delivery
  • All polyclinics
  • Selected satellite clinics and family health services clinics

Post natal care

  • Visual inspection of the cervix using ascetic acid and cervicograph (VIAC) for screening of cancer of the cervix.
  • All polyclinics
  • Selected satellite clinics
  • Selected clinics
  • All polyclinics
  • Selected satellite clinics
  • Selected clinics

       - Genito (Wilkins Hospital)

       - Mbare Polyclinic

       - Warren Park

Home based nursing 

  • Services provided for patients requiring home based care.
  • Family health services
  • Satellite clinics

Outreach services

  • Monthly scheduled outreach services done to geographically inaccessible areas.
Hopley, Zimphos PH, Rhodesville Police Compund, Msasa Park compound, farms, David Granite, Koala Park, Hlalani Kuhle, Granary, Simbaredenga, Bobo Farm, Caledonia.


Opening and Closing times

Clinic TypeHours of Business
Polyclinics curative0730 – 1600 Daily
Maternity24 Hours
Family Health Services0730 – 1600 Daily

0730 – 1600 Monday to Friday

0730 – 1300 Saturday


Primary Care Clinic

0730 – 1600 Monday to Friday

0730 – 1300 Saturday


   NB. Only Polyclinics are open on Holidays.

City of Harare Health Facilities and Contacts

ClinicPhysical LocationPhone Numbers
Glen View Polyclinic9446 Patrenda Way Glenview04 690 164
Highfield Polyclinic3363 Jabavu Drive Highfield04 662 304
Kambuzuma Polyclinic2469 Kambuzuma Drive Kambuzuma04 227 703/227 732
Mabvuku PolyclinicManresa Way Mabvuku04 491 068
Mbare Polyclinic
Off Ardbenie Road Mbare04 793 175
Rujeko Polyclinic
1507 Rujeko Street Dzivarasekwa04 216 390
Rutsanana Polyclinic
7505 Tawaziwa Way Glen Norah04 611 528
Kuwadzana Polyclinic
8216 56 Crescent Kuwadzana04 210063/ 04 210464
Hatcliffe Polyclinic
1064   1st Street Hatcliffe04 860562
Budiriro Polyclinic
684 5th Road, Budiriro04 690019
Warren Park Polyclinic
3rd Avenue, Warren Park04 224 953
Arcadia Primary Care ClinicWoodstock Avenue Arcadia04 770360
Avondale Primary Care ClinicBlock D. Derry Circle Avondale04 336524
Borrowdale Primary Care Clinic
Gaydon Road, Borrowdale04 860129
Mbare Hostels Primary Care ClinicAdam Chigwida Avenue Mbare04 663 493
Highlands Primary Care Clinic
Boundary Road ,Highlands04 776 452
Matapi Primary Care Clinic
Harare Road South Mbare04 756 113
Southerton Primary Care Clinic
Brittania Road Southerton04 664 463
Waterfalls Primary Care Clinic
107 Powell Road Waterfalls04 663 393
Parirenyatwa Primary Care ClinicParirenyatwa Hospital04 794 411
Glen Norah Satellite Clinic
8569 Zvimba Street Glen Norah04 611970
Glen View Satellite Clinic
12 Crescent Glen View04 690069
Hatfield Satellite Clinic
St Patricks Road Hatfield04 572058
Mabelreign Satellite Clinic
425 Sherwood Drive Mabelreign04 305 112
Marlborough Satellite Clinic
Elizabeth Windsor Drive Marlborough04 309049
Mt Pleasant Satellite Clinic
Erskine Road Mt. Pleasant04 304711
Western Triangle Satellite Clinic
Off Mangwende Drive Highfield04 611611
Mabvuku Primary Care ClinicMarembo Street Mabvuku04 491628
Mufakose Family Health Service
Mumhonda Road Mabvuku04 698001
Belvedere Primary Care Clinic
5326 Princess Road Belvedere04 741910
Braeside Family Health Service
Malta Road, Braeside04 742130
Sunningdale Satellite Clinic
16632   2nd Road, Sunningdale 
Eastlea Family Health Service
5362 Nigel Philips Avenue, Eastlea04 778 624
Greendale Family Health Service
435 Trinity Square, Greendale04 492 205
Highlands Family Health Service
Kew Drive, Highlands04 495 440
Tafara Family Health Service
Tafara Way, Tafara04 491 244
Beatrice Road Hospital
Simon Mazorodze Road, Mbare

04 792 762-3

04 708 039

04 728 688

Wilkins Hospital
Princess Road, Belvedere

04 740 404

04 740 517